Ignus Pahal

Ignus Pahal is registered as a non-profit under Section 25 of the Companies Act, and has 12AA and 80G certification.

Currently Ignus Pahal runs the following projects –

  1. Pahal Library Programme – Through Ignus Pahal we implement a library-based school improvement programme in 30 government schools in Varanasi district in Uttar Pradesh, and are poised to expand it to hundreds more in the coming months and years.
  2. Targeted Enhancement in Learning Outcomes for Students (TELOS) – Ignus Pahal, in partnership with UP SSA and UNICEF, is running a learning outcome-focused output-driven project in 40% of primary schools in 5 districts (3000+) of Uttar Pradesh. This project is a scaled-up implementation of its previous pilot project that ran in 100+ schools in the same 5 districts and saw a 10%+ improvement in student performance in language and mathematics.

Previous Ignus Pahal has run the following projects –

  1. DIET Capacity Enhancement Programme – Ignus Pahal, in partnership with UP SCERT and UNICEF, ran a capacity enhancement programme for DIETs in the state of Uttar Pradesh. A 6-months long pilot project based on delivering improved student learning outcomes was recently concluded.