A Sensitive Teacher’s Checklist for Corona Times

Wondering whether your ‘corona efforts’ are working? Here’s a quick metric to examine against!

Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

A sensitive teacher’s checklist for corona times –

  1. Have I contacted each child and asked about her/his welfare? How can I help those who seem anxious, unresponsive or not at ease or even distressed? Is there someone else I should contact? Have I helped my children understand they need not worry about how much of the course they cover during this time?
  2. To help my children continue their learning, what kind of interesting tasks can I create that will help them use their previous knowledge and also give them the confidence to engage?
  3. Have I broken up the lessons I want to teach into smaller bits that children can deal with at a time, especially when they are away from me? Have I made these fun / challenging / interesting? Have I included things that children can do with their families / siblings / friends over WhatsApp?
  4. Now that my children will have to do more work on their own, have I given hints to parents on what they can do to support the child?
  5. Have I made an easy to use progress tracker to help children keep track of what they are doing? Can they share with each other and encourage their classmates/friends?
  6. Can I create a sense of community among my students? Over the weeks, children have even stopped calling each other … How can I re-create their sense of togetherness?
  7. Am I taking care of myself, and making sure I am at my best for my children?

What would you add to this list?