IgnusERG is a group of professionals working to improve the quality of education at pre-school, elementary and secondary levels.  Most of us have been active in the field from 1980s. Over the years we found ourselves working together on different projects and programmes in India and elsewhere. As the frequency of this grew, we slowly evolved into a formal group. The word Ignusis derived from ‘igneous’ and the Sanskrit ‘aagneya’ (formed by fire) and ‘ignite’ – to reflect our focus on addressing inequalities in society and the difficulties this presents (ERG = Educational Resource Guild). We believe we are not doing charity or ‘good to the world’ – instead we see ourselves as committed professionals investing our lives in social change processes.

Group Ignus constitutes of –

  1. IgnusERG – an education consultancy company
  2. Ignus Pahal – a non-profit NGO
  3. Manan Books – a low-cost publishing company

Our Products